June 5, 2021

World Environment Day 2021




World Environment Day every year is celebrated on 5th June since 1974 as a UN sponsored event. It is a day celebrated to appreciate and pledge to take care of our earth and the environment.
In simple words, it is a day to make people more accountable for the environmental damage they do. It seeks to generate a sense of responsibility towards the environment – in the people and the governments as well.
Keeping this in mind, Sanskar school celebrated the day with a host of activities like poster making, slogan writing, planting saplings and other enriching activities that helped students realise the importance and need to conserve the environment.

“Reimagine, Recreate and Restore.” Our senior students took an initiative of organizing “Deeply Seeded”, an event as a reciprocation of returning the favours back to the Earth in the form of seeds balls. For the activity, the school students had tied up with various other schools making it an interschool collaborative event to restore and rejuvenate the environment.

The middle school students were given an activity to either prepare a PPT on new techniques to develop or improve the environment around us or a video on ‘How to Make Nature Smile’?
The students participation was a zealous and promising response from the future ambassadors of society. The celebration of World Environment Day concluded with a promise to save the environment and the world.

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