The Investiture Ceremony of Sanskar School, Sirsi Road, Jaipur, for the academic session 2019-20, was held on Tuesday, July 23, in a distinctive ceremony with a high degree of passion, earnestness and fervour.

The event commenced with offering of prayer to the Almighty. The troop of the newly elected student council came marching towards the ceremonial venue. The elected council members received their badges from the Principals, Mrs Girdhar Kumari and Mrs Neelam Bhardwaj, Parents and Teachers.

Thereafter, the school flag was handed over to the Head Boy, Kshitij Jain and Head Girl, Esha Sharma and house flags were handed over to the concerned heads. The Principal, Mrs Girdhar Kumari administered the oath to the newly elected Students’ Council. She also congratulated the heads and emphasised on the virtue of their responsibilities that come along with the badges.

The Head Girl, Esha Sharma, shared her vision of being a true leader.
The Principal, Mrs Neelam Bhardwaj reminded them of the responsibilities that the badges have brought on their young shoulders.

Heading towards the culmination ceremony, the Head Boy, Kshitij Jain, proposed the vote of thanks with a promise to abide by the qualities of a true leader.
The event concluded with the school song.

 The Investiture ceremony of the student council for the Primary wing was held at Sanskar School on 22nd July 2019.It was the day imbued with the sense of pride, humility and leadership.
The event commenced with the Prayer song which symbolizes virtue, holiness and the removal of darkness. Students of merit from Grade V were appointed as Prefects for the four houses Atharva, Rig, Sam and Yajur.
Principals Mrs. Girdhar Kumari and Mrs. Neelam Bhardwaj along with the teachers pinned the prefect badge to the young council members.

The Prefects took the oath administered by the Principal Mrs. Girdhar Kumari to fulfil their responsibilities towards themselves, their school and peers. She congratulated and motivated them to be the role models for all the students in the school and extended a supporting hand to the students’ council for the smooth running of the school.

Mrs. Neelam Bhardwaj, appreciated and congratulated the newly elected house prefects and urged them to take up the responsibility with commitment and integrity.
The event concluded with the school song.