April 23, 2021

Inter-Class English Monologue Competition held at Sanskar School




World Book and Copyright Day is celebrated across the globe on April 23 every year. This day is also regarded as the English Language Day across the globe. While the world lost its great writers like William Shakespeare, Miguel de Cervantes and Joseph Pla on April 23, Manuel Mejia Vallejo and Maurice Druon were born on this very day.

To instil and imbibe the love for language and to develop an understanding of the key concepts of language skills, Sanskar School organised a ‘Monologue Competition’ for students of grades 6-12 on 23rd April 2021. The competition was held virtually and was acknowledged by the students enthusiastically.

Each participant showed immense amount of zeal and excitement while performing and enacting the characters of their choice. It was over all a delightful experience to watch the young budding talents exploring their hidden potential and exhibiting immense amount of knowledge and language skills.

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