Sanskar students attain third position in Design Competition

Sanskar students participated in the design competition organised by IICD College on the theme ”India of my dreams” wherein they depicted their creativity on a circular ceramic plate of 10 diameter using the medium of drawing, painting, 3D clay, acrylic paints, etc. Kaustubhi from grade 10 helped Sanskar School secure the third position among 7 to 8 renowned schools from Jaipur.

Cookery Day

Food is one of the basic physiological needs which help humans to function properly. Importance of food is widely known and children need to be well-nourished to thrive.

To understand the importance of healthy food and to celebrate National Nutrition Week, Sanskar School organised Cookery Day for the tiny tots of Early Years on 2nd September’22. Children prepared Vegetable Sandwich and Fruit Chat with help of their teachers. They recognised the fruits and vegetables and other ingredients and used their numeracy skills to count them. Students also enhanced their vocabulary by learning new terms like washing, peeling, chopping, sprinkling, spreading and mixing. It was fun to prepare something in group and relish it together. This activity also boosted their self-esteem and confidence.

Investiture Ceremony 2022-25

Investiture Ceremony 2022 held at Sanskar School


The Investiture Ceremony of Sanskar School, for the academic session 2022-23, was held on Tuesday, July 26th in the School Auditorium with a high degree of passion, earnestness, and fervour.

A spirit of unity and dynamism filled the air as the Grand Ceremony commenced with the soulful rendition of a prayer to the Almighty. The Investiture Ceremony is a solemn occasion wherein all the young students are well prepared to don the mantle of leadership and responsibility while carrying it out with utmost dedication. In keeping with the very grave occasion, the students marched to the stage, in sync with the beats of the drum that replicated the aura of the ceremony. Lead by the Head Girl (Amina Khan) and the Head Boy (Rishit Paliwal), the Vice-Head Girl (Jyotsana Choudhary),Vice-Head Boy (Krish Narang), Sports Head Girl (Sneha Choudhary), Cultural Head Girl (Khushi Malhotra), Cultural Head Boy (Ravi Sharma), Vice-Cultural Head Girl (Aishwarya Khanna), Vice-Cultural Head Boy (Maan Kumawat), Sports Head Boy (Manan Kayat), Vice-Sports Head Girl (Gunja Nehra), Vice-Sports Head Boy (Dhananjay Sharma) along with the other council members marched on the stage to be conferred their badges and sash from the School Chairperson, Mrs. Rhea Thahryamal, School Director, Ms. Disha Thahryamal, Principals, Mrs. Neelam Bhardwaj and Mrs. Girdhar Kumari. In each mind was instilled a sense of pride and respect for the school.

The School Flag was handed over to the Head Boy and Head Girl, and the House Flags i.e. Rig, Sam, Yajur and Atharva were handed over to the concerned heads. The Principal, Mrs. Girdhar Kumari administered the oath to the newly elected Student Council. She also congratulated the heads and emphasized on the responsibilities that come along with the badges.

The School Principal, Mrs. Neelam Bhardwaj exhorted the leaders to uphold the important values. She motivated every member of the school cabinet to be exemplary and a role model for other students while encouraging them to match their words with their actions.

Heading towards the culmination of the ceremony, the Head Girl, Amina Khan and Head Boy, Rishit Paliwal, shared their thoughts respectively in their speeches upon taking up this valued responsibility.

The Cultural Head Boy, Ravi Sharma proposed the Vote of Thanks with a promise to abide by the qualities of a true leader and keep the mantle of Sanskar Flying high. With the flags held high and heads standing tall, the event concluded with the school song.

Dough Day-8

Play Dough Day

“The important thing is to create” – Pablo Picasso
Play- Dough was invented in the mid 1950s. It has entertained millions of children, allowing them to express their creativity, both at home and in the classroom. The benefits of play in learning cannot be overstated. It inspires the imaginative child, comforts the agitated child, and aides the visual child. It also improves hand-eye coordination skills, develops fine motor skills, encourages play-based learning, supports literacy and numeracy and improves social skills. To showcase their creativity, tiny tots of Early Years enjoyed the Play Dough Day held on 22nd July’22. For kids, it was fun to create something and play with it. They created flowers, butterflies, stars, teddy bear, yacht, snakes, fruits, turtles, ice-cream and various other things they see in their surrounding.

University Fair - 2022-3

University Fair held in Sanskar School

A University Fair was hosted on campus by Sanskar School, on 26th April 2022 for its students from grades 9-12.

The fair involved university admissions representatives from 21 prestigious universities both abroad and in India namely OP Jindal Global University, FLAME University, Shiv Nadar University,       BML Munjal University, Indian Institute of Art & Design, Manipal University, IIHM, Indian School of Hospitality, Swiss Education Group, ESSEC Business School, France, Trinity College Dublin, Swinburne University of Technology, University of Minnesota/University of Bridgeport/Nova South-eastern University, UTS College, Australia and many more.

The students were provided brochures alongwith important details related to the admission requirements, scholarships, popular programs, rankings, fee structure, etc. The students were seen enthusiastically putting forth their queries and garnering the requisite knowledge with regard to their area of interest.


Session on Act of Goodness conducted at Sanskar School

A session on ‘Act of Goodness’ was conducted on the 23rd of April in Sanskar School by Mr Ram Prakash Singh, Brahmakumari Suneha and Brahmakumari Sarita Behn.  Mr Singh enlightened the students on the seven Acts of Goodness.  The students also shared their experiences of their own acts of goodness. Mr Prakash introduced the concept of global happiness by doing good deeds and engaging all the senses for positivity which result in goodness reverting to you. The session ended with a short meditation activity for the students.