Dough Day-8

Play Dough Day

“The important thing is to create” – Pablo Picasso
Play- Dough was invented in the mid 1950s. It has entertained millions of children, allowing them to express their creativity, both at home and in the classroom. The benefits of play in learning cannot be overstated. It inspires the imaginative child, comforts the agitated child, and aides the visual child. It also improves hand-eye coordination skills, develops fine motor skills, encourages play-based learning, supports literacy and numeracy and improves social skills. To showcase their creativity, tiny tots of Early Years enjoyed the Play Dough Day held on 22nd July’22. For kids, it was fun to create something and play with it. They created flowers, butterflies, stars, teddy bear, yacht, snakes, fruits, turtles, ice-cream and various other things they see in their surrounding.

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