October 28, 2018

Sanskar School conducts workshop on Cyanotype Printing




Sanskar School Fine Art students from classes XI and XII, along with IBDP students of Year 1 and 2, attended a Workshop on Cyanotype Printing held on 27th October 2018 at Sanskar School. The workshop was conducted by Pearl Academy.

Cyanotype printing process, discovered by Sir John Herschel, has been a means to reproduce diagrams. It creates a cyan blue silhouette when an object is placed on a reactive surface and develops in UV light – a blueprint. In recent decades, the cyanotype process has been rediscovered by the artistic community as an affordable, technically relatively simple and aesthetically interesting technique for the creation of exceptional motifs on paper and textile surfaces and is thus used in various creative workshops.

In the workshop, the students engaged in the printing technique as well as creating the composition of natural elements.

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