August 14, 2020

Sanskar Students announced winners at Filmit India Film Festival 2020




Sanskar School students who had made films for INTACH’s Filmit India project 2019 were announced as winners during a two-day online workshop conducted by INTACH on 13th and 14th August 2020. The Filmit Festival, in collaboration with INTACH Jaipur Chapter, awarded the films made by Sanskar School students, in four major categories, namely:

1. Best Visuals and Storyline for ‘Chapai’ by Avantika Pareek
2. Best Direction for ‘Traditional Foods’ by Advay Singh
3. Best Narrator for ‘Blue Pottery’ by Yash Raj
4. Maximum Films Award to Sanskar School for 14 Films
This final award was due to the contribution made by the entire team from Sanskar School that also included the following participants:
1. Arushi Mathur
2. Leisha Kataria
3. Gunagya Paliwal
4. Krish Narang
5. Ravi Sharma
6. Khushi Malhotra
7. Rishit Paliwal
8. Hardik Jonwal
9. Aditi Jha
All the students were given certificates for their effort. Mr Manish Seth (Technical) and Ms Sonam Kataria (Content), faculty members from Sanskar School, were also awarded certificates for assisting the students on the Filmit Movie Making Project.
The two-day workshop for imparting online training on content and technical aspects was conducted by content expert, Mr. Feisal Alkazi, renowned theatre director, and technical experts Mr. Ankit Pogula and Ms. Sanjana Chopra, renowned award winning filmmakers. The methodology was interactive with films, visuals, PowerPoint presentation and live lectures by invited resource persons over the online video conferencing platform, Zoom.