August 10, 2017

FilmIt India workshop attended by Sanskar School students and teachers




FilmIt India Workshop by Intach and The Helen Hamlyn Trust was attended by students and teachers from Sanskar School on 10th August 2017 at MGD Girls School. Ayushya Joshi, Apohan Pareek, Nehal Jain, Yushvita Sharma, Shivam Agarwal, Himadri Vyas, Divyangana Rajawat and Avantika Pareek as well as Mr Manish Seth (Technical) and Ms Sonam Kataria (Content) were a part of the Technical and Content Workshop conducted by experts from INTACH and Tuning Fork Films. Being the 10th year, FilmIt planned the programme to help children better understand the physical and cultural environment in which they live, and the contributions made by different cultures and communities through the development of short films by the students. For this, the students were trained to take different shots and angles by filming a short movie in the second half of the workshop. The participating teams were given DVDs containing last year’s documentary films shot by schools across India.

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