February 28, 2020

Class V Exhibition




Sanskar School, Sirsi Road organised the PYP Exhibition of Grade 5 on Feburary 28, 2020. The Exhibition 2020 was conducted under the theme ‘Sharing the Planet’. The Exhibition gave an opportunity to the students to engage in collaborative transdisciplinary inquiry process that involved them in identifying, investigating and offering possible solutions to various local and global child related issues. The young learners of Grade 5 chose contemporary issues like Bullying, Peer Pressure, Cyber Crime, Child Safety, Education, Health, Poverty and many more under the umbrella Central Idea-‘Children Worldwide Encounter a range of Risk, Challenges and Opportunities’. The students demonstrated independence and responsibility for their learning. They collectively synthesised all the essential elements of PYP while sharing their learning through their informative and creative display. They also showcased their learning through mesmerising folk and western dance, melodious vocal and instrumental music, noteworthy theater and self defence techniques. The program was applauded by the parents. The Principals, Mrs. Girdhar Kumari and Mrs. Neelam Bharadwaj graced the occasion with their presence and encouraged the students. The performance by the children from Taabar NGO was an added attraction. The exhibition was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the transition of the young learners to the next phase of their education.

School’s PYP Coordinator Ms. Smita Benuskar congratulated all the grade 5 students and teachers for the success of the exhibition which is an important culmination event of the PYP journey.

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