Circular No. 04/2020-21

Date: 01-09-2020

Dear Parent

The school during this pandemic has shown the integrity to scheme out flexible fee payment mode for parents hence providing an opportunity to them to fulfill their duties as dedicated members of the school by being able to pay the fee on time and yet not feel burdened with any time limit of late fee payment clause. It was an initiative taken from the school’s end keeping in mind the adverse effect the pandemic has caused on our society in terms of unprepared financial crisis.

As we all know well that to run an institution the finances too play an important and vital role and the school need to take care of not only its parents and students it has a liability to handle the care of its infrastructure, staff and maintenance of other department that whole comprises us as one entity.

As per the norms and levied law/regulations of Govt. of India (DISE), Govt.of Rajasthan (RTE, Portal), Central Board of Secondary Education (OASIS), IGCSE and IBDP the school is bound to follow and provide the aforementioned with details of their students on roll. We are now in the process of submitting our students data for 2020-21 and will soon be uploading it on the Govt. portals. We here would like to state that the data of each child will be uploaded irrespective of his/ her dues pending. We are yet not clear whether your ward will be continuing with us for the present or upcoming session as the payment of fee from your end against your child continuing with us is pending from the beginning of the current session.

We hope that you intimate us of your kind decision of continuing your ward with us and pay the fee on time as a dedicated parent allowing and helping us to go steady. Incase if you have any genuine reason for your delay in making the dues clear you are requested to meet the Principal during the regular working days and timings. In case of any uniformed delay in the clearances of pending dues the school is free to take measure under the given guidelines of Fee Act – 2016 levied by CBSE. If you have cleared your dues please ignore the aforesaid.

We thank you for your kind and timely support and cooperation and hope to receive it in future too.

Best wishes