Co-curricular Activities

  • Group activities play a great role in the development of an all round personality of young children by cultivating the virtues of tolerance, understanding and co-operation. They also inspire a sense of self- discipline in them to become worthy citizens of the nation.
  • These activities take place in a friendly atmosphere. Some of the activities encourage mass participation while others are conducted as house competitions.
  • Regular classes in Judo, Gymnastics, Instrumental Music, Dramatics, Art, Dance, Vocal Music and Band are conducted by experts.
  • Celebration of all festivals in the school to develop social awareness and sensitivity.
  • Morning talk by the students in the assembly to curb stage phobia and develop confidence.
  • Excursions and educational trips form a regular feature of the school’s year plan.
  • Wall Magazine done by the pupils with a different topic; every month.
  • A Cultural Exchange Programme with other schools within the country and abroad, which gives a good exposure to the children and enhances social traits.
  • Summer camp – which includes special classes for Handwriting, Skating, Gymnastics, Instrumental Music, Art, Dance, Vocal Music and Aerobics.
  • Day and overnight camps are an integral part of the school’s curriculum.



Art & Craft


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Theatre, Music & Dance

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