The School Aims

  • To equip its pupils with a critical and global outlook which will make them committed citizens of the world.
  • To recognize and channelize the potential of the pupil and develop thinking, communication, social, scientific and interpersonal skills.
  • To foster cognitive, affective and psychomotor development and enable the pupil to make connections with the acquired knowledge in his/her everyday life.

Sanskar School, being inclusively a day school, caters to students aged 3- 17 irrespective of their caste, colour, gender, religion or nationality.The Admissions Department provides help and guidance throughout all aspects of the admission procedure and will answer any queries about the school, its ambitions and the aspects of school life at Sanskar.

Candidates are interacted with in a pleasant and comfortable environment, where they are asked simple questions to know more about their educational development, use of language, social skills, academic enthusiasm, and co-curricular interests. The idea of the interaction is to know more about what the candidates know, understand and enjoy.

Admission Criterion

Various factors would lead to the selection of a candidate into the school, where the Principal and the Administrator would play an important role in judgment. The factors which would be taken into consideration are:

Admission Form Requirements

For students enrolling in Pre- Primary

  • Birth Certificate.
  • 2 passport size photographs.

For students enrolling in classes I to XII

  • Birth Certificate.
  • Original Transfer Certificate from the school last attended.
  • 2 passport size photographs.
  • Report Card from previous successfully completed class.
  • Photocopy of the scholastic achievements record from the school last attended.
  • Any other information parents consider necessary for the school to know.


  • Admission is on the basis of “First Come First Serve” for Pre- Primary.
  • Admission in other classes is against vacancies only.
  • If the number of applicants is more than the number of seats, the Lottery System will be followed.
  • For students enrolling in classes IX and XI, it is mandatory to appear for the entrance test.