The academic programme combines regular classroom teaching with practical experience

Audiovisuals, study trips and visits are combined to foster the students curiosity and build their interest in the various subjects

The School is equipped with modular Physics, Biology, Chemistry laboratories and a fully air conditioned computer laboratory to help students enhance their scientific and computer skills.

The School has a well equipped Home Science laboratory to cultivate the culinary skills in students.


Only an education that meets the highest standards guarantees successful careers and a continuous personal growth and development. Our concept of study has been formulated using this benchmark. Our constant attempt and thrust is to make the total learning experience as close to practice as possible. In the Pre-Primary and Primary classes the emphasis is on creative work and group activities that are skill-based.

The Curriculum is structured to nourish the whole being – the mind, heart and body. So Music, Art and Crafts, Dramatics are creatively balanced with Literature, Mathematics, Science and Social Science.

Learning is made interesting through playway methods and by using Audio-Visual aids, Students’ Resource Room and outdoor activities in the lap of nature. In addition to the above mentioned activities, the primary and middle school classes have books which cover the syllabi prescribed by NCERT, New Delhi.

At the secondary level the curriculum is according to the CBSE.
At senior secondary level the school offers Humanities, Commerce and Science Streams.


The present educational system is heavily focused on scoring marks at the cost of not realizing the potential of a vast majority of gifted minds. Keeping this bias in mind, no formal examinations are given to pupils up to Class V. Instead a system of continuous assessment comprising oral and written assignments is maintained throughout the year. This has been found to be an effective and an accurate method of evaluation. From Class VI onwards however, students take an examination in each subject at the end of every semester.

This along with the regular class assignments enables a comprehensive assessment of the child’s progress. Evaluation from Class IX onwards is in accordance with CBSE rules.


Keeping in mind the CBSE instructions the school has implemented the Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) scheme for class V to X. We look forward for to the child’s all-round development through different activities.

School Based Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation.


Assessment of Learning

  • Involves working with range of available evidence that enables staff and wider community to check pupil’s progress.


  • Keeping track of progress
  • Identify learning gaps
  • Understand how pupils learn and what they learn
  • Tap their strengths and weaknesses
  • Give remediation where required