Sanskar is a co-educational, English Medium, Senior Secondary School set up in April 2002 and affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi.

The parent body, Sri Sai Shiksha Sansthan has a deep commitment towards the cause of education. The Trust has provided a vast infrastructure with large green playfields. The finest possible team has been put together in the school. Each member shares this commitment and lives by it.

It is a child-oriented school, which provides opportunities for skill based activities that contribute to the development of an all-round personality. By nurturing values of tolerance, understanding and cooperation, we prepare the children to become worthy citizens of a multicultural nation.

The students are given opportunities to develop qualities of responsibility, determination and perseverance that play a crucial role in building a sense of self discipline. Thus we seek to prepare each child to assume the responsibilities of leadership as well as the ability to work in a team.

Educational Philosophy

Sanskar, synonymous with excellence in education equips its pupils with all the requisite skills to be tomorrow’s leaders with a critical and global outlook. The children are exposed to intellectual and social experiences that are unique in their richness of quality, variety, relevance and depth. The focus is on three-fold development of children in all the three domains namely cognitive (intellectual), affective (emotional and social) and psychomotor (physical).

Sanskar School Insight

+The Houses

The students in the school are divided into four Houses for academic, cultural and outdoor activities.

Inter-House competitions are organized to improve the four aspects of an all-round education, namely behaviour, academics, sports and co-curricular activities.

Each House has a Captain, a Vice-Captain and Prefects.

The four (4) houses at Sanskar are Rig House, Yajur House, Sam House and Atharva House, named after the ancient Hindu scriptures and guidelines for rituals, the Vedas.

Rig House :

      Colour – Blue
      Significance – The colour of beauty and mystery, of the life-source, water.
    Motto – Respect for each and everyone.

Yajur House :

      Colour – Saffron or orange
      Significance – The colour of the soul tested for purity and enflamed with the zest for life.
    Motto – Forgiveness forever.

Sam House :

      Colour – Yellow
      Significance – The colour of the guru, the Supreme Ruler.
    Motto – To be of use to one and all.

Atharva House :

    Colour – Green
      Significance – The universality of life, respect for all, nature at its best.
    Motto – Humility is divine.

+Why Sanskar

  • Integrated Learning
  • Stress free, soul enriching experiential learning
  • Ideal Teacher-Pupil ratio
  • Emphasis on using Environment as a basis for learning
  • Well-equipped Activity Rooms
  • A team of professionally qualified, experienced and dedicated teachers
  • Regular Parents-Staff meetings
  • Value Education integrated with pupil’s daily activities
  • Day-to-day teacher’s observation and evaluation of pupils
  • Regular Staff Development Programs

+Life at Sanskar

The school offers students a unique opportunity to develop both mind and body through a structured educational programme. The School is self-sufficient and provides ample opportunities for each student to excel in various spheres.


The academic year is from April to March. It is divided into two terms.

First Term – April to September
Second Term – October to March

During both the terms the school organizes local and outstation educational trips, camps and sight-seeing tours.

Daily Routine

  1. Assembly
  2. Zero Period Activities
  3. Teaching Periods
  4. Evening Games
  5. Assessment – Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation up to class V.

Work Experience

The students have a wide range of hobbies and work experience to choose from.
During the Activity period, which has a duration of one hour, students are given individual attention by qualified Coaches / Teachers.


  • Separate high-tech, four storey, air cooled buildings for the Primary, Middle and the Senior sections
  • Garden with a variety of plants
  • Amphitheatre for outdoor functions/ activities
  • Basket Ball Courts,Tennis Court
  • Cricket ground of international standard and football ground
  • Classrooms with interactive boards and projectors to support classroom teaching
  • Art and Craft, Music, Dramatics, Dance Rooms
  • Well equipped Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Fine arts, Geography, Psychology and Mathematics Labs
  • Fully air conditioned Computer Labs with Networking
  • Student Resource Centre
  • Teacher Resource Center
  • High-tech Auditorium
  • Separate well stocked libraries for Junior and Senior sections
  • Ramps in all 3 buildings
  • Play area with slides, sand pit, aviary and pet farm for Pre-Primary section


The School has two well stocked libraries – one for Primary School, the other for Senior Secondary school.

The libraries have a soothing ambience which stimulates the child’s curiosity to gain knowledge. The libraries have an excellent stock of books by different authors on subjects ranging from English and Hindi literature, Science, Commerce, General Knowledge to encyclopedias (Britannica, Oxford), fact finders, yearbooks, journals and magazines. They are an answer to the child’s insatiable quest for knowledge.


Laying emphasis on practical teaching: The motto at Sanskar is to co-relate teaching with day to day life

Chemistry Laboratory

Computer Laboratory

The school provides ample opportunities through experiments to bring out Newtons

The School attempts to build a scientific temperament among its students. There are well equipped laboratories that provide ample opportunities to conduct experiments.
Physics Laboratory

Biology Laboratory

Atal Tinkering Lab

+Principal’s Desk

Principal Mam CBSE
“The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.” – Sydney J. Harris

At Sanskar, we believe that the true goal of education is to build knowledge as well as character of our students by enabling them to think intensively and critically. We provide and educational environment that is conducive to supporting academic, athletic and artistic excellence that would help them confront a constantly changing world with their own unchanging values and beliefs.

Mrs. Neelam Bhardwaj
(M.Com., B.Ed.)