December 15, 2018

A day for Sanskar orators




Sanskar School students from classes VI to XI actively participated in the Inter House Speech Competition held on 15th December in their respective groups. The students from class IX spoke on the topic ‘ Social media has a great impact on human behaviour and society’ followed by those from class X who expressed their views on ‘ The middle class in India is becoming selfish and obsessed with material gain’. Students from class XI took centrestage thereafter by being vocal on the topic ‘Should elections be held all over the country simultaneously?’ The Best Speakers from Class IX, X and XI were Shivam Agarwal, Khushboo Mathuria and Nomita Sharma, respectively. Sam house was declared ‘The Best House’ followed by Rig and Yajur houses at the Second and Third position.

In the group VI to VIII, the students from class VI spoke on the topic ‘Textbooks should not be replaced by technology in schools’. Class VII students took up the issue ‘Teenagers should contribute in household chores’ while class VIII students dealt with the topic ‘The value of money should be taught to children’. Durganshi (VI), Shrishti Sharda and Krish Narang (VII) and Rishit Paliwal and Khushi Malhotra (VIII) were adjudged Best Speakers for their class. Sam, Atharva and Yajur houses took up the First, Second and Third positions in the group.

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